3 Signs of a Good Vs. Bad Cleaning Service

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Accountability and quality work are important for a cleaning lady, especially when entrusting them with your home. With so many companies, it is difficult to decipher what to look for. However, finding a skilled professional can largely impact the results.

Here are some tips to help offer insight into what defines a good vs. bad cleaning lady:

Arrives On Time and Doesn’t Cancel

While things can come up unexpectedly, it should be addressed immediately if your cleaner has a bad record of canceling. With the effort it takes to plan your day around a cleaning, having a last-minute cancellation is frustrating.

Beyond having to wait longer for a clean home, there is preparation before a servicing that takes time out of your day. A good company considers your time and is accountable.

When a cleaner isn’t reliable, this can seep into their work ethic. Unreliability can lead to inconsistent results and damaged property. If your company has a record of canceling, it is the first sign of a bad cleaner.
It is also worth checking their insurance to ensure there is coverage in case of an accident.

Uses Non-Toxic Products

Having crumbs left behind isn’t the only sign of a bad clean. What products are used to disinfect your home can be very telling about the person in charge. Many disinfectants have toxic chemicals in them which can be damaging to your health and home.

No toxic chemicals!

Some potential products to keep an eye out for are:

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Drain Cleaner Featuring Sodium Hydroxide
  • Chemical-based Products

What products are used can have a profound impact on your health. If toxic chemicals are used, it shows carelessness from the cleaner. To help avoid this, you can also provide your own cleaning products to ensure proper precautions are taking place.

Your cleaner should have an understanding of safety. It is a red flag if they use unsafe, toxic products.

Good Work Flow and Detailed Cleaning

Certain licenses are bestowed on qualified cleaners. This ensures their workflow and quality of cleaning meet regulatory standards. Having someone without proper knowledge can lead to inconsistent results and neglected procedures.

Throughout the cleaning job, the work should be distributed across the house. If the majority of time is spent within a single room, the remainder gets rushed and smaller details get overlooked. 

While larger rooms will take more time to finish, it shouldn’t comprise the entire appointment.

Afterward, any lingering mess should be noted. Some things to note are unemptied trashcans, unwiped grease spots on counters, and dust in harder-to-reach spots. You can also verify that your company is certified and check out more insight into their qualifications on their site.

If this information is missing, you should contact your provider and potentially reevaluate who services your home.

Don’t Settle For Bad Quality

When getting help around the house, there is no need to settle for subpar results and unneeded stress. Keep your service provider accountable for their work and check their qualifications to ensure you are getting quality care. 

Take the time today to make sure your money goes towards a team that reflects the price tag. 

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