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Clean for the holidays: I would like to have family over for Thanksgiving but my house is Dirty. 

How do I get my house clean and acceptable for visitors such as my family for the upcoming Holidays?

I would like to have family over for Thanksgiving (and or Christmas), but my house is Dirty. 

The first step is to realize you need to do something different than you are presently doing. 

Everyone has a different living situation if it is Pets or Kids or just a constant on the go schedule and some people just plain do NOT LIKE to clean but they like being clean or having a Clean Environment. You may be very good at organization or very good at keeping a TIDY house, which means you put your clothes back in your closest, put your dishes away & just stay TIDY.

There is a difference between Tidy and Clean. Tidy is about objects, putting items where they belong, removing clutter, and Clean is about Dirt, dust removal. In short, a tidy house looks neat and presentable on the surface, but a clean house is sanitary and not germ-ridden, even if there is stuff scattered around. 

High anxiety comes with the Holiday Season–that unspoken pressure we typically put on ourselves for a variety of reasons that seem logical in our own mind. If you get surprise visitors or even a call that someone is coming over in an hour or so to visit, it is normal to want to tidy up your house. 

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Tidying includes things like making sure the table is cleared off, there are no objects on the floor & the sink & dish tray are emptied & no socks on the floor. Do you cringe if you have a neighbor or friend over and they have a few drinks and ask to use your bathroom? 

You know how it looks because you see it every day and everyday you say to yourself, I need to clean this bathroom. I will do it tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Save yourself, hire a good reliable professional Cleaner. 

House cleaning services play a significant role in maintaining a clean, organized, and healthy living environment. Here are some key reasons house cleaning services are important:

  1. Time-saving:
    Cleaning a house can be a time consuming task, especially for busy 
    Individuals or families with demanding schedules. Hiring a house cleaning service allows you to delegate this responsibility freeing you your time to simply relax or enjoy your leisure time. 
  1. Convenience:
    Professional house cleaners bring expertise, equipment, and supplies necessary to be efficient. Inside tip: when you hire a cleaning company, the company may charge you $250 for your home to be cleaned but the cleaner probably gets $40.00 to clean your home. So I would suggest finding a Professional Local Insured Cleaner that works for You (works for themselves) with integrity. 
  1. Custom Cleaning Service:
    If you are not sure about having someone in your house, touching your stuff, etc. customize your service request- you may only want your bathrooms scrubbed or your floors mopped & baseboards or blinds dusted. Have a conversation with a cleaner. You have options.

I have an introductory offer of 2 bathrooms only for $100.00. (must see the bathrooms prior to Accepting the job) Call today! Be nice to yourself. A clean house is better than having someone cook a meal for you. 

Contact A Great Clean Tampa Bay today. 

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